Repairs & Maintenance

Full Service Timpani Repair & Maintenance
– Tuning & Head Replacement
– Pedal & Spring Adjustment
– Gauge Alignments
– Gauge Installation
– Bowl Cleaning
– Bowl Reshaping & Powdercoating
– Dresden Chain Alignment

*Authorized Repair Brands: Ludwig, Yamaha, Adams, & Majestic.*

Prices Start At $125.00

Tambourine Head Replacement & Repairs
– Head Replacements, Head Changing, & Tuning
– Jingle Replacements & Repairs
– Tambourine Maintenance
– Head Rebranding

*Authorized Repair Brands: Grover Pro Percussion, Black Swamp, Yamaha, Ludwig, Ron Vaughn, Pearl, and Meinl.

 Prices Start At $55.00

Chime Repair and Cleanings
– Restring
– Pedal & Dampener Adjusting
– Caster Replacements
– Tuning & Plating
– Chime Polishing and Cleaning

*Authorized Repair Brands: Adams, Musser, Yamaha, Deagan & Jenco. 

Prices Start At $55.00

Drum Wrap/Rewrapping/Custom Wrap Installations
– Drum Rewrapping 
– Drum Wrap Repairs
– Custom Wrap Designing/Installs
– Wrap Removal

Prices Start At $50.00

Mallet Instrument Repair & Maintenance
– Bar Cord Replacement
– Frame Refurbish/Rebuild
– Post Alignment
– Resonator Reshaping & Powdercoating
– Bar Tuning & Polishing
– Caster Replacements

*Authorized Repair Brands: Yamaha, Musser, Adams, Malletech, Marimba One, Deagan, Majestic, Slingerland, Leedy, & Jenco*

Prices Start At $55.00

Concert/Marching Drum Tuning & Maintenance
– Head Tunings
– Proper Head Replacements
– Part Replacements & Repairs
– Powdercoating & Chrome Repair
– Shell Customizations

*Authorized Repair Brands: Yamaha, Pearl, Black Swamp, Grover, Tama, Ludwig, Mapex, Dynasty, System Blue, Slingerland, Majestic, & Liberty One.

Prices Start At $35.00

Mallet Rewrappings and Repairs
– Mallet Rewrapping
– Mallet Head & Shaft Replacements
– Yarn Color Customzations
– Bass Drum & Timpani Mallet Felt Replacement & Clean Ups

*Authorized Repair Brands: Innovative Percussion, Vic Firth, Malletech, Mike Balter, Marimba One, Liberty, & Adams.

Prices Start At $10.00

Frame/Stand Builds and Repairs
– Wood Or Metal Designs
– Keyboard Frames For Indoor & Outdoor Use
– Bass Drum Stands
– Gong Stands
– Drum Set Carts
– Marching Percussion Stands
– Stand/Frame Repairs & Rebuilds

*All Orders Are Fit For Your Needs!*

Prices Start At $200.00

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