This project came from Doug Holck who was the owner of this beautiful 1941 WFL Drum. The restoration project took place in the winter of 2018 and was completed in January of 2019. The drum first came to Rocco Z Music with a painted blue shell and painted white hoops. One of the first steps for restoring this snare drum was to get all of the paint off the drum and try to restore the drum to it’s original color. We first carefully took off the paint with small amounts of paint stripper and a soft scrubber. Once fully being “paint free”, the next process was to re-staining the wood and achieve a more vibrant color. After a light coat of staining, we proceeded to provide it’s final coats for the drum with a water based clear coat. This process took about 5 times to make sure it was completely protected. The last objective on the list was to clean off all of the rust and corrosionĀ on the hardware before putting the drum completely back together. After this month process, we were able to get this drum to it’s original color and glory, the same glory that it had in 1941. Big thank you, Doug Holck for the great project and beautiful drum!