This 40in Ludwig concert bass drum project took place during the 2020 pandemic in April and was finished a week later. The bass drum is from 1958 and when it first rolled in the doors, the drum was faded and missing a lot of pieces. Here was our process for the restore. First step with the restoration was to get all of the paint off to see the clean new layer under the veneer. Next, we cleaned up the bass hoops with taking off the top dirty layer bringing it to raw wood. Now it was time to stain: The stain chosen was a a natural finish stain with a nice four layer clear coat for the final coats. One of the last steps was to clean, shine, and grease all of the hardware for the drum so it can be put together. After all of these steps were done, the final touch was to install the new 40in Remo ambassador heads and see the final product. As you can see from the results, the drum became absolute beauty and we are happy with the turn out. Thank you to Spencer Guyer from Danville Indiana for this great project!