The 1960 40in Ludwig concert bass drum project took off in October 2017 with being completed in December 2017. When this bass drum first rolled into Rocco Z Music, the bass had a silver sparkle wrap with black painted hoops, rusted hardware, and beat up heads from the 1990’s. We knew the drum was going to be a lot of work, but ultimately worth it. First step with the restoration was to take the bass warp off and softly sand all of the glue off of the veneer. Once the bass drum was wrap free, we then proceeded to fill any extra holes, sand, and shape the drum to be completely smooth. Next, we stripped off all of the black paint from the hoops with paint stripper to allow the natural maple to be shown. The drum is now ready for stain! The stain chosen was a dark mahogany stain with a nice four layer clear coat for the final coats. One of the last steps was to clean, shine, and grease all of the hardware for the drum so it can be put together. After all of these steps were done, the final touch was to install the new 40in Remo ambassador heads and see the final product. Out all of the project we have done at Rocco Z Music, this one turned out to be one of the most exciting to work on. Thank you to Henry Kappler and Buffalo Grove high school for this great project!