The 2001 Pearl Marching Tenor Drum project began in November 2017 and was completed in January of 2018. This project came from Lafayette High School in Wildwood, Missouri. When the set of tenors came into Rocco Z Music, they were a disaster. The frame was falling apart, heads were broken, missing pieces, and the wrap was very torn and faded. Like all projects we do, the first step is to take the drums completely apart. Once all of the hardware is taken completely off, we then proceeded to remove the existing wrap. One of the next steps we had to take unfortunately was to remove the white paint on the inside shell of each drum. The process of paint removable takes longer on projects like these when you have to take paint off the inside screws as well. Once the shells were completely clean, sanded, and ready to go, we then started to cut new wrap. The wrap we chose was a blue oyster color to give these drums a nice, dark look. After cutting, gluing, and reattaching the rim guards, the drums were ready for hardware. The frame did not go together easy and needed to be rebuilt with new hardware. Once everything was cleaned, replaced, and fixed the final step was to install the new heads for the finishing touch. Thank you to Lafayette High School for providing these drums for to be restored and rebuilt by Rocco Z Music! These 2001 Pearl Marching tenor drums now belong to Rocco Z Music, LLC and are for educational uses at Rocco Z Music.