Here we have the 2004 Yamaha Powerlite marching tenor restoration project for Hayden Lutz. This project started in October 2019 and was completed in December 2019. First step of this project was to take all the drums completely apart and remove all of the terrible white wrap. Once the first step was finished, the drums needed to have all of the glue underneath removed with stripper and sanding. After the drums were clean and smooth, the next step was to apply the stain and layers of clear coat. The stain color is Jacobean and turned out beautifully. After finishing the outer color, the hardware needed cleaning and put back together with installation of new Remo heads. What once used to be a set of faded, falling apart marching tenors are now beautifully stained marching tenors! Thank you to Hayden Lutz for choosing Rocco Z Music to handle your restoration project!