Please welcome these four 14in Yamaha single tenor drums back into the drumming world! This project took place during the summer of 2020 and was a commission for a local high school, Wheaton North high school. Some quick history behind what these are and the purpose; Back in 2015, Drumline’s began forming another part of the Drumline called, “Flub lines” or “Single Tenor lines” to allow more students to participate in the Drumline while they develop the skills needed to play on the other instruments in the Drumline. Over the past 5 years, schools have been rapidly implementing this idea into their programs and is becoming a norm in the Drumline world. These sets of drums we used for this project originally came off of 4 different sets of tenors that were falling apart, missing pieces, and in cosmetically rough shape. Since they weren’t in great shape to begin with, they made the perfect candidates to bring back to life. Here was our process for restoring the drums; first, we removed the wrap carefully and removed any glue left behind from the wraps. Once the glue was removed, we did light sanding to round out the drum and bring the drum to bare wood. After the drums are cleaned and prepped, we then gave them color with transparent black coloring. Once the stain and clear coats were applied, the last steps were to clean all of the hardware, reassemble, put on new rim guard, and attached the new harness adapter mount to the drum. After a week of work, these drums became bright, clean, and look better than they ever did. We would like to thank Mr. Kent Krause and the Wheaton North high school marching band for the commission of this project – we are very thankful for the opportunity and excited for you to use your new equipment!