Here is one of our favorite Rocco Z Music custom snare projects we did back in the summer of 2020. This project was commissioned by our good friend, Dan Watter who has been wanting his own purple snare for quite some time now. After he told us all of the details he wanted, we went to work. One the first things we did was to take the drum apart and clean off the shell. After the drum was prepped and ready, we then added the purple wave wrap that Dan picked out. Once the drum warp was applied, we then powder coated all of the hardware to a nice chameleon purple which gave the drum a two tone look to the wrap. After powder coating was finished and we assembled the drum back together, we finished off the project with the one of a kind Yamaha decal on the front. Now here is the new and improved custom “galaxy” snare drum for Dan! Thank you so much, Dan for the commission, we are so thankful for your support to Rocco Z Music!