Here we have the Jenco Chime restoration project! This project was given by our good friend, Craig Taylor back in January of 2020. The process for this restoration was handled slightly different because of the amount of missing pieces and overall age of the instrument. First we took everything apart and sandblasted/powder coated the frame a nice gloss black. We continued that process too for the pedal as well. After taking the frame apart, we built custom parts to completed the frames missing bolts and screws. Next, we needed to repaint the wood cross dampeners and build the front and back faces for the box. Once those were cut, painted and installed, we bent, cut, and added the custom sized trim for the box to get it as original as possible! After the box, pedal, and frame were built, we cleaned, polished and rehung all of the tubes to complete the build. The final touches were the badges! Now here we have a set of newly refinished Jenco chimes from the 1940s! This project took over a year to complete in august 2021, but it was well worth it. Thank you for the project, Craig! Hope we made you proud!