The new and improved, “Ringo Star” Marching Snare Restoration project took place in September of 2020 and was commissioned by one of good friends, David Kerr. This drum was originally a part of the 1991 Cavaliers DCI Drumline, then was used by Northern Illinois University until about 2000, then bought by David in 2012. Here was our process for the drum. We took the drum completely apart, removing the wrap, badge, hardware, and air vents. Next, we installed the wrap, sand blasted the powdercoating on the rims and poles. Once the rims were bare, we polished the hardware to give it a new chrome look. Once the hardware was ready, we put the hardware on the newly wrapped drum, installed the eyelets and badge, the topped it off with new heads. Thank you again for the commission, David! Enjoy your new snare drum from Rocco Z Music!