This project was a very special one for Winnebago High School in Winnebago, IL. In the Winter of 2018, Rocco Z Music made a Drumline purchase from Wayzata High School which is located in Wayzata MN – the drums received were 2008 Pearl marching percussion drums with blue wraps and white powercoated hardware. Most of the drums were in poor condition cosmetically and missing significant amount of pieces. About a 2 months later, ┬áRocco Z Music received a call from Winnebago high school about them wanting a newer, cleaner, full functional Drumline to have ready by the summer. This call started the Winnebago high school Drumline project. Over the next few months, each drum was taken apart, received replacement parts, were cleaned, received new wraps, were repowdercoated, and received new heads to get them ready for their new home. By June 2019 these drums were now fully functional with new fire wraps, new heads, and new silver sparkled hardware. The drums turned out amazing and now belong to Winnebago high school in Winnebago, Illinois. We want to thank Mr. Shawn Maher, Mr. Daniel Jack, and the Winnebago High School band for your support of Rocco Z Music.